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Powerful product discovery

We match your budgets with products and services so that you know exactly what your money can buy.

1. Estimate budget

Thinking of getting a new bike? How much are you planning on spending? You can afford putting $100 towards a new bike.


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ABOUT US helps people plan their financials and save money on products and services that they needed anyway.


Budgets are needed in every day life. Planning ahead means avoiding costly mistakes.

No more best guesses. Understand exactly what products and services fit in your budget and where to adjust.



Tracking is no longer needed if you get products that you planned.

How it works

2. Discover suggestions

What can $100 get me? Oh, there's a lot of different options to choose from that are under my budget! The reviews look good to me.

3. Get now or later

If I decidet to get this bike now, I can save $11 compared to my original budget! I can put that money to better use. Or if I need to, I could also see if the price drops after a while.

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Not everyone wants to connect their bank account to make a simple budget. Now you don't have to!

No account linking required

Simple and free budgeting tools forever, we promise!

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No ads!

Why are ads annoying? Because they are so often out of context. works like a marketplace instead. For everything that you need, there is a product and a price that can fit your budget.

Start budgeting now!

User testimonials

I'm taking care of  financials in our 3-person household and I can save so much time, effort, and money using this service! I can easily see what we can afford and what we can't. Planning ahead is key to reaching your financial goals.

I always had a problem with how different my  actual spending was at the end of the month compared to my plan. This service helps me avoid learning my lessons too late.

I love it simply because I can see what my money can buy. Before, it was so easy to justify overspending when you were shopping online and didn't see the bigger picture.

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